Our devices will be interacting with the physical and virtual worlds more than interacting with us.

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See how we've helped our clients harness the power of a connected world using the Internet of Things (IoT) .

Reducing the spread of hospital infections, one hand at a time

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GOJO Industries, Inc.

GOJO is a leading global producer of skin care and hygiene solutions that save lives and make life better. Cardinal worked with GOJO Compliance leaders and stakeholders to design and develop an Azure hosted solution for hospitals, urgent care centers, and nursing facilities.

Cloud connected hygiene devices provide an innovative 24/7 approach to activity monitoring and automated data collection. Administrative interfaces provide nearly real time visibility into hand hygiene compliance activities by floor, by unit or by room.

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Keeping the lunch line moving. More time for recess.


Food Service Solutions, Inc.

Food Service Solutions, Inc. (FSS) is a leader in educational food service, providing an integrated system for managing and paying for school lunches. FSS provides a secure payment solution that allows schools to transact payments and for parents to manage student lunch accounts. Previously, FSS’ system required servers at each of their school locations, causing challenges with efficiency, operations, hardware maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Cardinal designed and built an Azure-hosted Point-of-Sale solution that effortlessly processes millions of transactions an hour. This cloud-based system met the growing demands of FSS’ businesses resulting in quicker data updates, ability to accommodate large school systems, and grow their revenue.

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Nurses spending more time with patients, not trying their patience.


Rubbermaid Healthcare

Rubbermaid Healthcare provides a leading-edge solution for hospitals: CareLink Mobile Nurse Stations that help facilitate day-to-day patient care. These innovative carts improve nurses’ productivity and reduce time-wasting activities, ultimately enabling them to spend more time caring for their patients.

Cardinal created a custom solution that allows hospitals to manage their fleet of carts remotely. This innovative, custom software enables hospitals to monitor carts’ usage, locations, battery status, transfers between facilities and more. Because the software is hosted in the Cloud via Microsoft Azure, no additional infrastructure is required at hospitals, making this a flexible, cost-effective solution that adds value to Rubbermaid’s offering.


"…The companies that capitalize on these opportunities (IoT) will be the first publicly traded companies to be valued at a trillion dollars by the market."

Mark Spates Internet of Things Consortium President

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